Monday, July 22, 2013

Fabulous Yacht Charter Vacations

Fabulous Yacht Charter Vacations

Whether you choose a luxury power yacht or a catamaran sailboat charter you will be onto the vacation experience of a lifetime where you’ll never want to travel any other way ever again.

The Ultimate Yacht Charter Experience

Catamaran Sailboat Charters

The Virgin Islands are known for their smooth, turquoise blue waters, seemingly endless white sandy and sun drenched beaches, laid-back island attitudes and friendly people. If you want to delight in the luxury of a flexible schedule on your catamaran charter as a romantic retreat or to bond with your kids, friends or family there is no better vacation experience that you will enjoy more than a crewed catamaran. What a great way to spend a worry-free Caribbean Islands vacation.

Your crewed catamaran charter includes a Captain and personal chef, that also serves as the boat’s First Mate. Since these charters are ‘all inclusive’ the cost covers all the freshly prepared and scrumptious meals, water toys and activities and an endless supply of house wines and ship’s bar. The crew takes care of everything on the catamaran including all provisions, cleaning, laundry and cooking so there is nothing for you to worry or stress over.

When you arrive for your catamaran charter vacation you simply jump on board your waiting sailboat and off you go to on the best vacation of your life.