Monday, June 10, 2013

The Ultimate BVI Charter Vacation

Want to see what a Super Yacht BVI Charter Vacation looks like? 

Yacht charter vacations are wonderful and you will be treated like royalty in many destinations including the British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, The French Riviera and the Greek Islands - just to name a few! 

Why work with Barrington-Hall Yacht Brokers for your private yacht vacation?
The smarter your yacht broker the better your vacation in paradise. Not all brokers are the same and anyone can secure your yacht charter for you. Brokers are no good to you unless we give you ideas on how to enhance your vacation. How to select the best one week of each month, and why. How to select the best one week of the year. Why to book a specific yacht and crew team. Why to consider a specific location for the period of year you are considering. 

Chartering private crewed yachts worldwide is what we do best because we are passionate about what we do. These are not just words we genuinely mean them. Barrington-Hall is possibly the one and only company you can call at 2 am-3am and have the C.E.O. personally answer the telephone, as well as every weekend. This practice was started in 1995 and remains a fact today. 

1) Confidentiality is assured with our personalized service, commitment, integrity when working with the world’s leading professionals. Florida’s largest association is Florida Yacht Brokers, with whom we are associated, as well as the Better Business Bureau. We have been in business for the past 23 years. Our president was a captain for 5 years in the Caribbean chain of islands, so was our accountant. 

2). Each year we travel to boat shows around the world so we are current with each vessel and crew team who will be on board with our guests. We visit Greece, Genoa, Antigua and Tortola boat shows every year, which are the major boat shows. These annual boat shows are set aside specifically for yacht brokers and not the public. There are other shows we attend as well. We have picture itineraries of all these locations, having done all of them. 

3). Barrington-Hall takes pictures of every yacht we board, all interior shots, cabins, crew, salons, galley as well as the crew pictures. We want our guests to get exactly what they pay for. 

I'll be happy to give you more details. Please call Andrew on 954-720-0475 or 800-478-2029. Visit our website and charter an Ultimate Yacht Charter Vacation.

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